Canvas Active Course List

List of Participating Pilot Faculty and Course Sections Taught on Canvas Summer 2018

List in ascending order of course section names and numbers (courses subject to change).
Faculty Department Pilot Course
Girman, Derek; St John, Wendy Biology BIOL-110-101-18-SU
Sutanonpaiboon, Janejira Business BUS-316-201-18-SU
Gilinsky, Armand Business Administration BUS-491-201-18-SU
Yount, Jennifer Business BUS-552E-101-18-SU
Kim, Patricia Chicano and Latino Studies CALS-393-201-18-SU; CALS-393-202-18-SU
Malpica, Daniel Chicano and Latino Studies CALS-451-203-18-SU; CALS-451-204-18-SU
Williams, Eric Criminal Justice CCJS-404-101-18-SU
Lares, Monica Chemistry CHEM-115A-101-18-SU
Farmer, Steven Chemistry CHEM-115B-101-18-SU; CHEM-115B-103-18-SU
Acosta Lewis, Emily  Communications COMS-301-101-18-SU
LaDuke, Aja Education EDMS-419-101-18-SU
Becker O'Keeffe, Suzanne; Casesa, Rhianna  Education EDUC-417-101-18-SU, EDUC-417-102-18-SU
Wandling,Timothy English ENGL-315-101-18-SU
Shapiro, Alexis English ESE-10-203-18-SU; ESE-10-207-18-SU; ESE-10-213-18-SU; ESE-10-217-18-SU; ESE-10-219-18-SU; ESE-10-223-18-SU
Hess, Janet Hutchins School of Liberal Studies LIBS-320C-101-18-SU
Herring, Susan Math MATH-165-101-18-SU
Altaker, Krista Nursing NURS-312-101-18-SU
Rose, Jordan Nursing NURS-555-101-18-SU
Ray, Patrick Philosophy PHIL-102-201-18-SU
Sullins, John Philosophy PHIL-302-201-18-SU
Williams, Eric Political Science POLS-423-101-18-SU
Paolucci-Callahan, Matthew Psychology PSY-325-101-18-SU
Dean, James Sociology SOCI-431-101-18-SU
McQuade, Lena Women's and Gender Studies WGS-300-201-18-SU; WGS-300-202-18-SU
Churchill, Mary Women's and Gender Studies WGS-350-101-18-SU
Tung, Charlene Women's and Gender Studies WGS-375-201-18-SU